In the beginning

So this is the first entry in my blog and I'm not sure how to start. 

I've been a busy baker over the last year and I'd like to include a number of those cakes in this blog, so I'll probably back date my posts until I'm up to the present day. For now here is where it all began :) 

These are some of the earliest pictures I have of my baking.

From September 2010 -

Spread a little colour with rainbow cupcakes - well maybe not these ones as I didn't quite get the vibrant colours I was hoping for. 
Bakergal shows us how it should be done.

Ignoring the above, rainbow cupcakes are incredibly easy to make. Just separate your cake mixture in to bowls, add a drop of food colour to each bowl, and place a dollop of each colour in to your cupcake cases. 
To get the bright colours, make sure you use the right type of food colouring. It took me some time to trigger this but gel paste colours are the way forward! A tiny drop goes a long way and gives a fantastic colour which you'll see in my later posts.

18th March 2011
Given the same recipe (a vanilla sponge with orange flavoured icing) my colleague and fellow baker went head to head to raise money for Comic Relief. We had to stick to the recipe but could add our own creative flare to it. For £2 buyers got one of each cupcake and were asked to vote for their favourite.
Sadly I failed to get a picture of the competition but this is what I went in to battle with.
Two-tone icing always seems to impress and what goes better with orange then chocolate? 
I was champion by 4 votes but more importantly we added £48 towards the money raised for comic relief.

2nd May 2011
A very quick batch of cakes whipped together for my friend... yep you guessed it... Erin. 
Erin was my partner in crime at Uni. We don't see each other much these days but there's usually an annual reunion with one due again soon. 


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