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Many months ago my sister and I were talking cakes when she casually asked how much notice I need to make one. Completely oblivious to her sneakiness, I said maybe a week or two providing I have nothing on. So two weeks before the 3rd of January she asked if I would bake her a cake..... a wedding cake!!!

The 3rd of January last year was an entirely different and very difficult day. This year my sister and Steves wanted to start on a positive note by making it a special and happy day to remember, however they kept their plans to themselves. 

It came as quite a shock to family and friends, including my Dad, who arrived thinking they were going out for a meal but discovered they had been gathered for a wedding. After the initial cheer there was panic as friends debated if they had enough time to run in to town for a pretty dress, and uncles desperately borrowed from Steve's assortment of ghastly ties. Of course neither was necessary, but I am glad I got a little heads up due to my cake making skills. My only other duty was to ensure my Dad wore the new shirt and tie he had received for Christmas and thankfully he got the hint. 

To say this cake was stressful would have been an understatement! It had to be perfect and although it didn't compare to how beautiful my sister looked on the day, it was good enough for the restaurants manager to ask if I was looking for more work.

Once again I owe thanks to my mentor from afar, Krazy Kool Cakes, who had impeccable timing and posted a tutorial on How to Dam & Crumb Coat Cakes. Finally I know what causes that little bulge in my fondant where the cakes are sandwiched together and once again I can be generous with my fillings :)

One thing I couldn't find online was how to create the centre spray (probably because it really is that easy) but for anyone else looking, this is how I did it....

1. Cut shapes from thinly rolled gumpaste (I use fondant with added Tylo powder). Thin enough to look delicate and be light but thick enough to insert the wire.
I used an impression mat on one half of my fondant to give some butterflies texture and make them look more interesting.

2. Carefully insert wire in to the middle of the shape. Lightly pinch either side and guide the wire in so you can feel if it is getting to close to the surface. If you dip the end of the wire in a little water, it'll also help it to stick.

3. To give my butterflies shape, I lightly folded their wings and rested them in a left over Christmas card to harden overnight. You could use anything for this. I used the insert of a cupcake box for my other butterflies.

4. Get your hands on a posey pick and place a little piece of rolled up fondant inside to keep the wires in place.

5. Start adding the decorations. Cut the wires to different lengths and arrange until you're happy with how they look, then finally insert the spray in to the cake. 

Thank you to Think Cake in Maidstone who pointed me in the right direction on this one. If you live in my area I can highly recommend them, they stock everything you need, are very welcoming and happy to talk cakes and share their know how.

Despite a few drinks we managed to cut reasonable slices for the guests and I was pleased to find the top tier alone, a 7 inch madeira sponge, gave 21 slices. Harry had the right idea as he was first in line for his.

All that's left to say is how happy Chris and I were to share this special day with my sister and Mr Steves. It was a lovely day.

To Charlene & Steve,
You are great together and we wish you every happiness for the future, praying that all your dreams come true. Steve, thank you for making my sister so happy and taking good care of her. I love you both very much and I'm pleased to have you as my official brother-in-law (of course I will deny this if you ever mention it).


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