Totoro Wedding Toppers

Cake toppers for a traditional wedding cake ;)

These little friends were created for Mr Chris' sister and his now brother-in-law. 

They let me off creating the cake as their wedding day was also my birthday, and as much as I love baking cakes I have been known to flap about them. 

Sculpting figures is one of my favourite parts of cake making, so I'm glad I got to do these and glad I could add a little something to their wedding. 

The cakes theme encompassed two of their favourite things that Chris and I also happen to love, Totoro and Snowboarding. 

So here's Mr and Mrs Miller in Totoro form...

... and their snowboards (modelled on Steve and Ruth's own boards) so they can hit the slopes after the wedding.

But hold on, aren't we missing a couple of Millers?

Of course not! A Totoro Connie and Totoro Kitty complete this little family.

Here they are in their final positions with the happy couple cutting the cake.
(I'm sorry I don't know who to credit for the cake)

It was a fantastic day, congratulations again Mr and Mrs Miller! xx


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