Grasshopper Pie

This dessert takes me back to my days as a waitress, maybe one of the best jobs I've ever had though I didn't realise it at the time.

I worked as a waitress after I finished uni. I had no desires to stay a waitress but I can really appreciate that job now; no stress, work didn't come home with me, everyone pitched in and we had a good laugh. I suppose it helped that I had no mortgage and no responsibilities too :)

Anyway, Grasshopper pie was my favourite dessert and I always hoped to find a damaged slice in the box. We couldn't serve it to customers if it wasn't presentable and we'd have to "dispose" of it ;) At least that's what I was told and I had no reason to question it.

Grasshopper pie has a sweet biscuit base (this one was made with double chocolate chip cookies) and a minty mousse filling. I'm not sure why it's called grasshopper pie, I think it's named after a cocktail or maybe it's just because the filling is coloured green. Mine may be a little too green. It should be mint green but I only had electric green to hand.

This is actually half the size of the one I used to serve and its topped with cream instead of chocolate. It's a very naughty dessert but very easy to make as it only needs chilling, no baking.

Despite all its naughty ingredients it's a light, refreshing pie and you know it's good when it gets the Conster's approval!


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