Rainbow Icing

A little treat to congratulate my colleague, Azra, on her well deserved promotion.

There are a few ways to achieve the rainbow icing but this is how I do it:
1. I make a regular batch of non-coloured buttercream icing.

2. Separate the icing in to two or three bowls (depending on how many colours I want).

3. Colour the icing in each bowl by adding a couple of drops of food colouring.

4. Place my piping bag inside a glass and open it out over the top of the glass.

5. Load the different colours in stripes in to the piping bag e.g. add one colour down the left of the bag, another down the right, and maybe one down the middle. It can be a bit tricky to add all of one colour in one go so I do each gradually until the bag is full.

6. Squeeze a little of the icing in to a bowl until all of the colours start to show, then it's ready to go :)

I found the butterflies at a county fair but I've not seen them anywhere since, which is a shame as I think they look really pretty.


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