Sugarveil Cupcakes

When I started baking I owned an 8 inch round cake tin and a spatula. Two years later and I have two kitchen cupboards overflowing with various cake bits - cutters, piping tips, impression mats, stencils, modelling tools, petal dusts - and my collection is still growing.

My latest find was Sugarveil - a flexible icing used to create edible lace - and an opportunity to try it soon presented itself when my friend Steph asked if I could make some cupcakes for her Mums 50th birthday.

I was sceptical at first as they make it look really easy in the video but actually, it was. It creates a long strip of lace which I cut out and placed on to my cupcakes. I bought a fairly basic patten but there are lots to choose from. 

I created the "Mum" and "50" plagues a couple of days before the cupcakes so they had time to harden and stand up in the icing.

Whilst I was in a sugarveil moment, I also created a little batch of cupcakes for Chris' sister and brother-in-law as we still owed them a wedding gift. 

We'd been creating a wedding hamper of treats and these were hidden in the bottom to complete it.
My thanks to Steph whose baby hampers gave me the idea for the wedding hamper :)


Raising money for Macmillan and Cancer Research UK

Let me start this post by saying a huge well done to Zoe Drury and her fellow "blister sisters". What these ladies have achieved is incredible. After Zoe's mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, Zoe went on a mission to raise money for the charities that helped and supported her back to good health. Organising numerous fundraising events, from packing bags at the local supermarket, to climbing Ben Nevis, Zoe and her friends have raised over £10,000 for Macmillan and Cancer Research UK! Amazing! And that's where I come in....

One of their fund raising events was to host a charity ball and they asked if I could make a cake that could be added to their auction. I'm not a confident baker so I get nervous making cakes for people I don't know but as it was for charity, charities very close to my heart as my Mum and Nan both suffered with breast cancer, I really wanted to help.

The winning bid was from a lady needing a 60th birthday cake for her friend Paul. Sadly Paul had passed away weeks before his 60th but he had already begun organising his party, and his wife was continuing with it as he would have wished.

They sent me a picture of Paul wearing a tam o' shanter hat, the sort with the fake ginger hair, and asked if I could create a cake with a 60 on it and a figure of him wearing the hat. I created a two tier cake, with a 60th spray in the top and hopefully they were pleased with my figure of Paul. 

It was very nice to learn a little bit about Paul when I delivered the cake. He sounded like quite a character and apparently this was just one of many hats he chose to wear. I didn't deliver the cake to the party but I hope his wife and family were pleased with it, and I hope they had a lovely day celebrating his life and remembering good times.


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