Effie's Cake

A cake to congratulate our friends Ad and Iona on the birth of their beautiful daughter Effie Ksenija.

The elephant's little balloon and the bunting are my favourite parts of this cake. Mr Chris said my little bows were so good he thought I'd bought them or used a mould to make them.

I had planned to make a more realistic elephant but I thought this little fella was so simple and cute he was perfect for a baby cake.


Zingy Lemon Cake

Using my sister's birthday as an opportunity to experiment with flavours.

I know my sister likes lemon curd so I baked a lemon sponge, filled it with lemon curd, and covered it with lemon flavoured buttercream.

The flavour was good but I'm still trying to perfect a flawless finish with my buttercream icing. Also, I would avoiding using these silver dragees as they were far too hard to eat.


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