Fred & Maggie's Golden Wedding Anniversary

My first attempt at a trendy drip cake!

Baked to celebrate Fred and Maggie's 50th golden wedding anniversary. It wasn't my original design but I wasn't organised on this one and didn't leave enough time to get a stencil and the topper I wanted, so it's fair to say I was winging it! I didn't have a plan but I had a covered cake and a last minute epiphany to create a drip cake. 

How do you create a drip on a fondant covered cake? Well I did it with Royal icing. Easy peasey if you get your icing to the right consistency! It needs to be a little runnier then normal to create the drips but not so runny that it runs off the cake entirely. Once I thought I had the right consistency I tested it by piping a few drips around the edge of my bowl before moving on to the cake.

I made a little pool of icing on top of my cake and spread it to the edges encouraging some to go over here and there, then used a piping bag to add extra drips where needed. I think the natural drips look better... naturally. Those created with the piping bag looked a little too uniform for my liking so they ended up at the back of the cake ;)

For my golden drips I painted the royal icing using a gold lustre dust mixed with a little drop of alcohol. A little tip is to colour the icing yellow before piping to get a better coverage with the gold and disguise any tricky spots you might miss on the sides. 

For any Game of Thrones fans out there, painting this very much reminded of that scene when Viserys gets his golden crown from Drogo. Not quite the look I was going for to celebrate a wedding anniversary! Anyway to move away from GoT I added some sugar roses and the topper. Still room for improvement with my sugar roses, I haven't quite perfected these yet!

As I make a lot of vanilla and chocolate cakes to please little nieces and nephews, this time I opted for something a little different with a lemon sponge and lemon buttercream. Maggie also makes the most amazing lemon meringue pie so it felt like a fitting choice. 

We helped Fred and Maggie celebrate on a gorgeously sunny day enjoying a lovely afternoon meal with family and a fantastic view of the coast from St Margaret's Bay. The cake was a treat for later, served with a lovely cuppa tea courtesy of Steve and Ruth :)


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