Cake fit for a landscape gardener. The first cake I've timed perfectly! I wasn't rushed for any part of it, I didn't stay up late to finish it, and I didn't have to sacrifice any of the detail I wanted to finish on time. Perhaps I'm getting the hang of this? - or maybe I've come to terms with how slow I am!

This is my second attempt at a standing figure. Still room for improvement but I keep watching Artisan Cake Company's tutorial in the hope mine will look just as good one day.


My first wheelbarrow! My own creation as I couldn't find a tutorial for a wheelbarrow. I moulded it around a matchstick box wrapped in cling film, and inserted wire for the handles - the only non-edible part of the cake.

The reaction from Kirsty and Matt when they came to collect it was brilliant and a real confidence boost. They had sent me a picture of a cake they liked, which I kinda followed, but I don't think they were expecting all of the added little details.

I really enjoyed making this one and it was nice to catch up with old friends/colleagues again.


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