Roses and Begonias

So the other day I spotted a business card on the notice board at work for a lady making and selling cakes from home. I had a little peep at her website and found something new to try... cupcake bouquets (at this point I would love to add a link to her website but sadly I didn't save the url and the business card has since been removed).

I found a couple of ways to create these. One is to place a styrofoam ball in to a vase or plant pot, then attach the cupcakes with cocktail sticks, spearing one end in to the cake and the other in to the ball. 
I couldn't get my hands on a styrofoam ball so I used the cup method instead...

I stapled together 7 tall disposable plastic cups in to a flower shape, clued them on to a cake board and wrapped with crepe paper. Each cake gets its own little home in the top of one of the cups. And the end result:

It's not great but it's not bad for a first attempt either.

I'm not sure about the leaves but they helped to cover the gaps between the plastic cups.

I also learnt how to use another of my many icing tips following a nifty
tutorial on YouTube, which demonstrates how to create the begonia type looking flower. 


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