The Boys

For Carole's birthday (my Dad's wife), my dad asked if I could make a cake with "The Boys" on it. 

The boys are their two dogs, two Shih tzu's, one named Qin and one named Jayger. They are a quirky pair. I'm pretty sure Jayger thinks he is a cat and Qin is a big eating machine, totally led by his stomach but a real softy. I miss them since I stopped living at home several years ago so I really enjoyed making this.

Jayger and Qin in fondant
"The Boys" - Jayger on the left and Qin on the right.

Creating a fondant dog is easy when you know how. I found a tutorial and then altered it slightly to suit my needs. They're not an exact likeness but I tried to capture their features as much as possible, especially Qin's big belly and Jayger's unimpressed expression.


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