Mr Chris dons the apron

It's my birthday and someone else gets to bake the cake.
I loaned Mr Chris my recipe for chocolate cake and look what he whipped up while I was at work...

I was chuffed to bits :D

Why a bird's nest? Because I love our little feathered friends.

I hang food out for them almost every day and we get plenty of visitors.

It's a love I've inherited from my Nan from days when we used to sit together and break up the birds bread. I would get her shopping every week and there would always be two loafs on the list, one for my Nan and one for the birds. I know she would have loved some of these pics Mr Chris has captured...

And that's not all! As a birthday gift Mr Chris is treating me to a weekend away (more on that later) and bought me a nifty little bread maker. 

It's the Daily Loaf Breadmaker by Morphy Richards and can make a little 1lb loaf in an hour. It's the perfect amount for us and tastes great, especially when it's still warm and smothered with butter. 

This was my first loaf using the "fast bake" setting. The fast bake takes about an hour and gives a fluffy loaf with a soft crust. It also has a "basic" setting which is a little heavier and has a crustier edge but takes around three hours.

Mmmm, time to start enjoying fresh bread every day :)

And there's more...

Mr Chris' sister, Ruth, bought me a fab selection of cupcake sprinkles:

I love the little gingerbread men. I foresee some gingerbread cupcakes in the future :)


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