Ba-da ba-da ba-da-da-boo

Today is the last hair cut I'll have for a while as my hairdresser is off to start her maternity leave. No one else can tame my hair like she can and so I have to wait until she comes back. 

I knew this day was coming and although I had all morning, I, in classic Cheryl style, opted to sleep in and leave myself less then 60 minutes to make these. 

With the countdown tune stuck on repeat in my head, 60 minutes later and one messy kitchen, ta daaa....

Not my best work but not too shabby either. Mr Chris managed to snap this photo literally as I was running out the door.

Usually I like to make everything myself but sometimes you just can't beat some of the cake toppers available. I spotted these little baby grows on ebay. They are printed on edible wafer card and I think they're pretty cute. 

Wishing Lisa all the best as she heads off to become a Mum. I hope she enjoys these and takes it easy before the sleepless nights begin.


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