Happy Heads Only

These cupcakes are inspired by Tankerton and made in memory of a truly amazing person, my Mum. Today it will be seven years since she died but I won't be dwelling on that. Instead I will celebrate her life with my family and remember all the silly things we got up to.

We have a bench at Tankerton sea front for my Mum. It was a place she loved to go, to walk the dogs, take us for fish and chips, or to get away from us when we would drive her crazy. This evening we all headed to the bench and kept our promise... "Happy Heads Only". 

My Mum didn't want anyone to be miserable. She told us any time we had sad thoughts, we were to remember something silly that made us both laugh, and to hold on to it. It's not always that easy. There have been times when she has been very much needed and she is missed every day, but she taught us to be strong and left us with many happy memories.
Beach huts, ice-creams and wind turbines
Funky coloured wind turbines :)
I'm sure this evening would have made her smile. My family and I, dogs included, sat on the bench and had a good giggle. We laughed at my Dad who showed his age as he got cold and wrapped himself up in the dogs towel, and we stuffed our faces with chips and cakes whilst a fitness instructor shouted commands to a tired looking group of people just metres away. I'm sure the smell of our chips only helped to motivate them :)

So here's to my Mum, Christine Thorn. I'm sending a huge hug to you today, and to Nan and to Lottie. Thank you for everything you did and still do for us. See you again one day, love you always xxxx

Tankerton Beach Huts - photo by Mr Chris


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