Coffee & Walnut 60th Birthday Cake

Last year my Dad requested an elaborate Stairlift cake for his birthday. This year he made a simple request for his favourite coffee and walnut cake.

I've become a pro at the ol' coffee and walnut cake but it needed jazzing up to be good enough for my Dad's 60th. Hopefully I achieved this with a centre spray and an almost flawless finish on the coffee flavoured buttercream.

This is the first cake I have covered with buttercream and I think I prefer it to fondant. I still struggle with fondant on occasion. I promise I'm not working on commission but I followed another Krazy Kool Cakes tutorial to achieve these smooth sides and sharp edges...

It might not be the prettiest cake around but it's a mans cake. I don't think my Dad would appreciate flowers and butterflies. More importantly, it is his favourite.


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