Easter Lemon Pavlova and little bunny bottoms

I love Mary Berry and I never miss an episode of the Great British Bake Off, so I was pleased as punch to catch their Easter Masterclass. 

I was planning to attempt Paul Hollywood's hot cross buns but opted for the Easter Lemon Pavlova after some hefty hints from my sister.

Mr Chris was brave enough to test my meringue. Well he was a little reluctant at first but the promise of a slice encouraged him to pose for a picture.

Yes, a little itsy bitsy teenie weenie part of me was hoping it would fall :)

In the middle and in each of the meringue nests is a mixture of whipped double cream and home made lemon curd. I don't have a picture of the lemon curd so you'll just have to trust me that it was good.

Chocolate mini eggs and candied lemon zest are added for decoration. Unless I did something wrong, the candied lemon zest really is just for decoration... yuk! This pavlova was so generous it managed to feed both our families. For dessert I whipped up some Easter cupcakes with dodgy coloured grass, more chocolate eggs, baby chicks and little bunny bottoms. These were for Chris' nieces really but they're only small so they needed our help to finish them.


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