Sugarveil Cupcakes

When I started baking I owned an 8 inch round cake tin and a spatula. Two years later and I have two kitchen cupboards overflowing with various cake bits - cutters, piping tips, impression mats, stencils, modelling tools, petal dusts - and my collection is still growing.

My latest find was Sugarveil - a flexible icing used to create edible lace - and an opportunity to try it soon presented itself when my friend Steph asked if I could make some cupcakes for her Mums 50th birthday.

I was sceptical at first as they make it look really easy in the video but actually, it was. It creates a long strip of lace which I cut out and placed on to my cupcakes. I bought a fairly basic patten but there are lots to choose from. 

I created the "Mum" and "50" plagues a couple of days before the cupcakes so they had time to harden and stand up in the icing.

Whilst I was in a sugarveil moment, I also created a little batch of cupcakes for Chris' sister and brother-in-law as we still owed them a wedding gift. 

We'd been creating a wedding hamper of treats and these were hidden in the bottom to complete it.
My thanks to Steph whose baby hampers gave me the idea for the wedding hamper :)


  1. If Graham and I get remarried could we get one of those? If not Ill go and marry someone else!


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