Iggle Piggle First Birthday Cake

I think children's cakes are my forte - also I enjoy making them as their flaws can be easily disguised :)

This cake was for Carole's grandson. A couple of firsts for me on this one (no pun intended)... this was the first number cake I've made and my first standing figure! The latter is quite an achievement for me as I've attempted this before and failed miserably.

I don't own any number tins so I carved the one from a sheet cake using a template. I froze the cake for about 30 minutes before cutting to stop it crumbling and to keep the edges sharp, it also helps if the cake is firm when icing it.

A few wooden skews help to keep Iggle Piggle upright and sturdy. More guidance from Krazy Kool Cakes helped me here as their pictures show how they position skews to add support to their figures.

Makka Pakka didn't require any supports because he only has stumpy little legs like me. Sadly, what I've only just noticed in the picture below, is he's lost his nose. Hopefully that sort of thing goes unnoticed by a 1 year old :)


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