Owl Cake Pops

These little treats were made as a belated birthday gift for my friend Stephanie - very belated as her birthday was actually on the 25th December :/

I wanted to try something completely different for Steph as she is incredibly creative (very talented with a needle and thread!) and always encouraging my baking. So scoping out the latest trends on the baking scene I discover cake pops are all the rage, and they look like fun too.

I decided to make Owl cake pops as they're pretty cute and Owls are cool. I didn't follow it exactly, but I used a
tutorial from Dessert Decorating that gives a great demonstration on how to construct the cake pops.

I got 16 cake pops from a regular batch of cupcake mixture that would usually make 12 cupcakes. Only 8 passed quality control as I was too eager at the start and attached their features before the chocolate had set. I could only laugh when I opened the fridge to find a bunch of mutant Owls whose eyes and beaks had slid down to meet their feet. My tummy wasn't too concerned with their mutant appearance though and they tasted like gooey chocolate brownies.

I wasn't entirely confident with my gift of cake pops so I made a batch of backup cupcakes. I used my stencils again as they were such a success last time, but I also gave my newly purchased impression mats a go.

I think Steph was pleased with her gift, all I have to do next time is deliver them on her actual birthday :)


  1. Both sets of cakes were amazing, Cheryl. I was indeed very pleased. You are one talented lady! :-)

  2. I'm glad, I still owe Darren some but I have an idea for them ;)

  3. Will you share, what do you use for the ear?

  4. Hi, I didn't add anything on for the ears, I shaped the cake to include them.
    I started with a ball and shaped it so the bottom was a bit fatter then the top. Then I made a dent in the middle of the top with my finger and kinda pinched the sides to pull out two ears. I hope that makes sense.

    Some people use chocolate chips and stick them to the cake pop with a little melted chocolate before dipping. I haven't tried this myself but I think it works just as well.


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