Carousel Christening Cake

Given free reign on my nieces Christening cake and this was the result. It's a little sloppy in places but I won't highlight where ;)

I took a short cut with the middle tier and removed some of the stress by using a dummy cake. It didn't need to be cake anyway as the top and bottom would give enough servings.


The horses are made using a silicon mould from The Cake Decorating Company. It's an expensive mould (it's even gone up quite a bit since I bought it) but the detail is brilliant. Also it's for my niece so no expense spared!

I probably made around 15 horses but only managed to release 6 successfully. It's quite easy to mangle legs or ears while you're concentrating on releasing another part. I guess patience is a virtue.

I dusted the mould with pearl lustre dust to help release the fondant and give the horses a little shimmer. I used a plastic dowel to make a hole through the centre of the body and once they were dry I painted their features with food colouring. The plastic dowels were wrapped in fondant and used as the horse's pole. 

Originally I had an entirely different design in mind for the carousel but some of the moulds I ordered didn't arrive on time, hence the top looks a little unfinished.... better planning required on my part :/

Finally, for Aunty Elaine who complimented my piping skills with regards to the lettering... tappits! My handwriting is bad in pen let alone icing. There are lots of fonts available and I use them the Krazy Kool Cakes way. Secret shared ;)


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