Home-made Creme Eggs

What to do when you pop to the shops for an Easter egg and all that's left is one sorry looking smashed egg?

Go home... sulk for a bit... then make your own creme eggs :D

170g Liquid Glucose or Golden Syrup
55g Butter (at room temperature)
1tsp Vanilla Extract
375g Icing Sugar
2tsp Water
Yellow food colouring
200g Chocolate

1. To make the filling mix together the glucose or syrup with the butter and vanilla extract until it's creamy, then add the icing sugar and water. The mixture should be quite thick.

2. Take about a third of the mixture and colour it yellow to make the yolks. Then place both mixtures in to the freezer until they're hard.

3. When solid, remove the yellow mixture and form lots of little balls. Place each yolk on to a tray lined with greaseproof paper. They get very sticky as they get warmer so once all the yolks are formed place them back in to the freezer to harden again.

4. Once the yolks are set cover them with the whites. Take some of the white mixture, flatten it in to a circle, place the yolk in to the middle, then wrap the white around and roll it in to an egg shape. Place the eggs in to the freezer to harden again.

5. Melt the chocolate and dip the eggs. I found it easier to keep the eggs in the freezer and take one out at a time so they don't get too sticky to handle. Skewer the egg, dip it in to the chocolate then place it in to the fridge to set (just like a cake pop). Alternatively you could use an egg mould to create the chocolate shell and place the filling inside.

And the verdict is....

Mr Chris says it tastes just like a creme egg but has eaten several to be sure. I think you can taste the golden syrup and they need a thicker layer of chocolate but they were good enough to satisfy my Easter chocolate binge :) 


  1. This is just awesome!!! Hope you're well 😀

    1. :D Thank you Mr Dutton, nice to hear from you and great to see you're still following my cake ramblings!


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