BB8 in 24 hours!

The time leading up to my nephews birthday was manic. The organisation I worked for was closing down, I had two job interviews to prep for (both wanting a 10 minute presentation) and a trip to Chicago looming. Nevertheless, Louis had stressed on more then one occasion his desire for a BB8 birthday cake and I didn't want to disappoint, even if it was a couple of weeks late. In the end I only had one day available to make this and I delivered... eventually.

For any perfectionist one day is not nearly enough! I had zero time to be my usual indecisive self, faff about or fixate on all those tiny little details. I could look at this cake and focus on BB8's missing aerials or question if his head is out of proportion, but on this occasion I'm going to let it go. I made this cake in less then 24 hours and I couldn't have done anymore in that time.

BB8s body was baked in a ball tin and his head in a small pyrex bowl. I used the CakeFrame I bought for my standing minion cake to help keep him steady. The CakeFrame goes through the centre of his body and protrudes out the top, then his head sits on a 4 inch board and is slotted on. The head is so small I don't think he really needs an internal structure but it's an hours drive to my Brother's and I wanted that stability... I can cope with an aerial-less BB8 but not a headless one! I'm pleased to say he didn't budge on route and we all got to enjoy the journey with no fears of him rolling away.

BB8 made his appearance after a tasty Sunday Roast and he was well received... brownie points for Aunty Chel :)

Inside he is a yummy chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream icing. I removed his head to slice up his body and Louis wasted no time tucking in! :D


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